Unveiling the new Fastgig 2.0 App!

January 16, 2024

This year, we are excited to announce that we’re releasing a new and improved FastGig app!

Sneak peek on some features on the new FastGig

Here are some things to look our for:

Streamlined Gig Booking Process On The New FastGig App

1. Streamlined Gig Application Process
We've reduced the number of steps needed to book a gig substantially. The process in the existing FastGig app takes up to 8 steps from the job description to the confirmation of a shift. We have cut this process down to 4 steps - Talk about easy-peasy!

2. Improved User Interface
The new interface is more interactive, user-friendly, and informative. Scroll below to read more about some of these new improvements.

FastGig 2.0 Sneak Peek At New Features

i) Location Filter

Find a Gig near you or filter based on a location that you want! Skip the hassle of browsing every gig and just get straight to the one that are convenient.

ii) Shift FilterOnly available on Tuesdays to Thursdays? Looking for a Gig that starts at 11am? Use the Shift Filter! Find Gigs based on shift start time, date range, and days in a week.

iii) Map Function - Plan your route in advance.
Plan your route ahead of time by tapping on the "Maps" link in every Gig description.

iv) View Upcoming ShiftsTap into the "Show Shifts" link to view all shift dates and timing available for a gig.

v) Job Banners

Say bye to boring gig postings - presenting Job Banners! Prepare to be captivated as companies post eye-catching visuals to help them attract more Giggers like yourself!

v) Total Calculated Earnings

Tired of wondering how much you'll earn at the end of a shift? Worry no more! With our new interface, each Gig description will display the total calculated earnings for a shift. Do note that this is a estimate as a gig may have multiple shifts with different timings.

3. Filter Function
There will be an elaborate filter function for Giggers to narrow down gigs based on location, time, date, or dates. This helps you find gigs that meet your requirements without having to scroll through every available gigs.

Increase Your Chances With Urgent Gigs
Looking to secure a Gig as soon as possible? Apply for Urgent Hire gigs!

Gigs with Urgent Hire indicated require Giggers as soon as possible. This is due to multiple factors from the urgency of the shift start date to the number of vacant slots available.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the new FastGig app be released?
We’re planning to release the new FastGig app soon in Q1 of 2024.

2. What will happen to my current FastGig account, my records, my bookings, and my payout information?
Every information with regards to your account will be transferred over to the new app. You will be able to see all gig bookings and payouts in the new app. Every certification that has been uploaded will also be transferred over.

3. Can I still use the existing app?
The existing app will no longer be supported. Giggers are required to download the new app to continue using FastGig services.

4. If I have an existing gig on the day itself, can I still check-in?
We have prepared the team to prioritise Giggers who have existing shifts on the release date. These Giggers will be contacted prior to the release to prepare them for the launch. The team will also assist to monitor these gigs to ensure smooth operations as usual.

For any issues or questions with regards to this app, please Whatsapp us at +601161169366 or click on this link - https://wa.me/message/PNYE72BNPBJQB1

5.Where can I download the new app?
Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fastgig-flexi-part-time-jobs/id6469033810

If I am having issues with the app, where can I seek help?
Facing issues? Whatsapp us at +601161169366 or click on this link - https://wa.me/message/PNYE72BNPBJQB1

Keep your eyes peeled! We'll be making announcements on our social media, website, and emailers on updates. We hope to see you with us after the launch!

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